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Inverness is a small city in west-central Florida. It is located in Citrus County at the intersection of U.S. Highway 98 and State Road 44. Nearby Interstate 75 provides easy access to Gainesville, Ocala, and Tampa. Inverness is the largest municipality in Citrus County and serves as the county seat. From ac repairs to air conditioning installations, we bring indoor comfort to everyone in the Inverness area.

AC & Furnace Repair and Service in Inverness, FL

A good air conditioning and heating company can be one of a Florida homeowner’s best friends. When people in Florida say “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” they mean it. Even though the high temperatures may seem bearable, the humidity further reduces comfort and creates the risk of mold. In addition to cooling, air conditioners dehumidify the air as they run and protect your home and furniture.

AC & Furnace repairs can be a source of a lot of stress. When an air conditioner or furnace goes out, the inside temperature may rise by 20 degrees. If this happens, you’ll be happy to know that experienced technicians such as those at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. are standing by for emergency repairs. Gives us a call and we’ll have someone out as soon as possible.


Inverness is a relatively new city and wasn’t incorporated until 1917. Settlers first arrived in 1868 after the Civil War. The city’s early growth was led by Alf Tompkins, who established mail service, had his brother build a general store, and laid out plans for the city.

Because of his contributions, the city initially bore the name Tompkinsville. When Tompkins sold his property, the name was changed to Inverness at the suggestion of a Scotsman who thought the area looked like Inverness, Scotland.

Inverness has remained a small town throughout its history and only has a small central business district. Significant buildings from its early history are marked by the city’s Historic Plaque Program.

Things to Do

The Walk of History is a self-guided tour created by the city. It goes through downtown Inverness and has stops at each of the locations in the Historic Plaque Program. Fort Cooper was used during the Second Seminole War to allow sick and wounded troops to enjoy the waters of Lake Holathlikaha while they recovered. Today, it is a state park with nature trails, fishing, canoe rentals, and swimming.

The Old Courthouse was built in 1912 and was used as the Citrus County Courthouse until 1978. Today it is open to the public as the Citrus County Heritage Museum and features exhibits about Florida and a musical about the movie Elvis filmed in the courthouse. Lake Tsala Apopka is a popular fishing destination. It covers over 19,000 acres of shallow water and marshes.


Inverness has a population of just over 7,000 people, and over a third are senior citizens over the age of 65. Just 17% of its residents are under the age of 18. It is a stable community with a nearly 70% homeownership rate, and nearly 80% of its residents have lived at their current address for at least one year. The median household income is about $27,000, and only about 15% of college-aged residents have a bachelor’s degree. About 18% of its residents live below the poverty level.


Inverness has hot summers and mild winters. The average July high is 92 degrees, and the average January low is 44 degrees. It has an average of 54 inches of rain each year, most of which falls during the summer months. Brief afternoon thunderstorms are common during the summer. There are an average of 246 sunny days each year.


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