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When you green-ify your Ocala, Florida, home, you not only protect the environment, but you also save money on expenses like energy and water. Follow these tips to get more green at home.

Choose Energy Star HVAC Appliances

From air conditioners and furnaces to dehumidifiers and air cleaners, look for the Energy Star logo. At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., we can help you choose a unit that fits your particular needs and offers the right output to keep your home comfortable. Since Energy Star appliances use less electricity and natural gas, they help you save money while reducing your carbon and pollution footprint.

Just remember that you don’t want to tackle this project yourself. Let our trained technicians install your new HVAC unit so you don’t accidentally damage the equipment, injure yourself, or put your home at risk. In addition to your HVAC system, other appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves are also more efficient when they bear the Energy Star logo. 

Select Low-VOC Paints

You love to spruce up your home every once in a while. Maybe you paint the walls in new colors to freshen the space, but don’t walk out of the hardware store with bargain-basement paint. Look for low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) to protect your family from dangerous toxins. VOCs reduce your home’s indoor air quality, which can cause increases in sickness as well as asthma and allergy symptoms.

Good indoor air quality also helps green-ify your home. Instead of relying on chemical-heavy materials, you’re choosing healthy substitutes that promote a greener lifestyle and encourage green commerce. The more people who buy low-VOC paint, the more manufacturers will make it.

Unplug Your Electronics and Appliances

How many times a day do you use your microwave? What about your smartphone charger? Instead of leaving plugs connected to sockets all day, unplug them until you need to use them again. Obviously, you can’t unplug your refrigerator or HVAC units, but most other appliances and electronics don’t need to run 24 hours a day.

This is especially true of common electronics, such as computers. In the old days, restarting a computer could consume more power than letting it idle, but technology has come rather far. You’re better off turning off the computer until you need to look up directions to a restaurant or finish up some work from home.

Seal Leaks in Home and Ductwork

Ductwork should keep air insulated as it travels throughout your home. However, leaks in the ductwork can cause heat loss and gain, which will increase your energy bills as well as your carbon output. To green-ify your home, let us inspect your ducts at least once per year to check for potential leaks or clogs.

Additionally, you can seal other leaks around the house. For gaps between doors and their frames, add weather-stripping so air can’t escape. You might need to caulk your baseboards or the area above recessed lights. Additionally, check your windows, attic hatch, and other exterior features that might contribute to heat loss and gain.

Add More Insulation

Insulation protects your home no matter the season. It traps air inside your home, so your air conditioner or furnace doesn’t have to work as hard to keep up with the demand. It’s particularly critical during Florida summers, when severe heat waves and increased humidity make the weather unbearable.

Common places to add more insulation include attic rafters, walls, garage walls, floors, and bathrooms. You can do it yourself if you’re handy with tools, or you can hire a professional to install new or extra insulation. The blown-in variety tends to work better than batts and roles.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat will give you more control over your home’s temperature. Use it to adjust the temperature remotely, for instance, when a cold front hits. Smart thermostats can also learn your habits and behaviors; they’ll self-adjust based on what they “learn,” so you don’t have to give it as much thought.

Green-ifying your home doesn’t have to take years. These six simple strategies will reduce your energy bills and environmental footprint in a snap. For professional guidance on HVAC installations, call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935.

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