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Humidity is a standard part of life in Pinellas County, Florida, and a challenge to keep under control indoors. You rely on air conditioning to keep it in check, but sometimes it’s not enough–you may need to introduce a dehumidifier or more ventilation. Here are some important reasons why you need to keep humidity under control throughout the year.

High Humidity Promotes Mold and Mildew

When the outside air has high relative humidity, added moisture from showering or cooking without ventilation doesn’t absorb into the air easily and collects on cool surfaces in the form of condensation. Your home’s building materials absorb that moisture creating an ideal habitat for mold and mildew growth. The spores they release can cause respiratory problems for your family. Meanwhile, contaminated building materials like sheet rock and wood will eventually decay and rot. Controlling humidity is far cheaper than costly home repairs.

Dust Mites Thrive on High Humidity

Studies have shown that dust mites thrive best in environments where the relative humidity is above 50 percent. These microscopic arachnids extract moisture from the air as their source of water. Therefore, the more moisture that’s in your home the larger the mite population and higher the dust production. Relative humidity below 50 percent will keep dust to a minimum.

Feeling Sick From Poor Indoor Air Quality

High humidity is a major contributor to poor indoor air quality, as indicated above by its role in mold, mildew, and dust. It can set off a host of health issues ranging from asthma attacks, building sickness, and allergic reactions to feelings of discomfort and malaise. Relative humidity below 30 percent will dry out mucous membranes causing nosebleed and related respiratory issues for some people. Maintaining a relative humidity range of 30 to 50 percent will eliminate these health issues and lead to a happy and healthy home.

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