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Here comes summer again and with it all the typical, fun, and warm activities. Have you given much thought as to what your pets will be doing to stay cool during the heat this summer? Here are some suggestions that can help keep your Inverness, FL pets comfy this summer.

Everything is Better in Moderation, Especially Cool Air

There may be a person in your household who enjoys a very cool house after work, but keep in mind that your pets can do just fine with a moderate temperature setting while you’re gone during the day. Depending on your dog or cat breed, a moderate thermostat setting in the mid-70s is generally sufficient to keep them content while you are gone.

Fresh HVAC Filters Are Good for Your AC

We at Senica Air Conditioning recommend that you check your AC filter in your home regardless of whether your pet is a short-haired cat or a long-haired Shih Tzu, every month. A filter with fur or hair increases energy consumption and prohibits an AC unit from working at its maximum effectiveness level. If your filter looks dirty or is filled with pet hair, it’s time for a new filter.

If Your Pet Stays in While You’re at Work

Some pet owners have no alternative to leaving their pets inside during the day while they are at work. One great option for conserving energy while keeping your pet cool is to consider keeping your pet confined to one or two rooms while you are gone.

Smart devices and zoning that is now commonly provided with most AC systems allow you to adjust the cooling in individual rooms. Remember to keep it set at a moderate temperature.

Your Pet-Owner Common Sense

We at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. can help to troubleshoot your air conditioning if you feel your air conditioning isn’t keeping all of your family members – including your pets – comfortable. Call us us anytime to schedule a service call when needed.

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