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When you’re adding on to your Spring Hill, Florida, area home, consider a ductless heating and cooling system. This flexible, efficient system is gaining popularity in the U.S. by improving indoor air quality and reducing homeowners’ carbon footprints.


Ductless, or mini-split systems, are a flexible option that can be set up to heat or cool zones or individual rooms. The indoor unit connects to the outdoor compressor via a small hole in the wall, which differs from the large ducts that connect a traditional air compressor to the home. The units can be up to 50 feet away from the outdoor compressor, allowing for strategic placing of indoor evaporators based on your needs and comfort. Most models allow up to four indoor units per one outdoor.

Cost Savings

Having stand-alone units allows for temperature controls that aren’t available in a forced-air system. By only heating or cooling rooms that are in use, you will reduce energy use and lower your bill. You can also reduce energy use by programming the preferred temperatures in separate bedrooms, which will lessen any fighting over the thermostat. With no ductwork, there is no additional energy loss during air distribution and you can save up to 30 percent on energy costs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

With no ductwork to accumulate bacteria and allergens, ductless systems are able to filter the indoor air without the added particulates of a standard system. The built-in, multi-stage filtration reduces dust, pollen, and other particulates, keeping your family healthy and happy.

Less Impact on the Environment

Your carbon footprint is lowered as a result of using a ductless heating and cooling system. The design follows ENERGY STAR guidelines, measuring significantly more energy efficient than U.S. federal government standards. The coolant used is one with zero ozone depletion potential. Throughout the life of the ductless system, there will be less of an impact on the environment.

Whether you are cooling or heating a single room or remodeling a historic building, ductless systems are a great option for versatility. We have a variety of solutions to fit your needs. Give us a call at Senica Air Conditioning at 866-881-5935 to explore your options.

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