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If you understand the importance of having the oil changed in your car on a routine basis, you should get an idea of why regular maintenance for your HVAC equipment is also important. Preventative maintenance promotes trouble-free operation and helps you catch problems early. It also supports peak energy efficiency and helps keep your energy bills from rising out of control.

Plan to schedule regular maintenance in the spring for your cooling equipment. Schedule another visit from a professional in the fall for your heating system. Preventative maintenance performed by a professional gives you the most thorough care possible. Add the following seven things to your regular maintenance routine to keep your system in tip-top shape between professional inspections.

  1. Change the air filter to improve indoor air quality, keep airflow at the ideal level and prevent straining the equipment. This simple action lowers energy consumption and your utility bills. Change the filter every one to three months for the best results.
  2. Check exposed ductwork to make sure it’s sealed and insulated. These qualities effectively keep heated and cooled air in the ductwork until the air is expelled from supply registers.
  3. Clean the outdoor unit of any leaves, dirt or debris that have collected there. This helps the equipment run more efficiently.
  4. Check the condensate drain to make sure it’s not clogged. This regular maintenance check can prevent water damage from a backed-up drain.
  5. Listen for strange sounds coming from the ductwork or the equipment itself, which could signal that something is wrong. If you act on strange sounds quickly, you may be able to fix a problem before it gets worse.
  6. Find source of odd smells that could indicate a problem. Call a professional for assistance if the smells linger.

For more information about important parts of your regular maintenance routine, please contact us at (866) 881-5935 today. We proudly serve Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater and the surrounding communities.

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