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Midsummer air conditioner breakdowns are inconvenient and expensive. The best way to prevent a breakdown during the hot Tampa cooling season is to schedule preventive maintenance with a qualified HVAC professional. These common A/C problems can be prevented with a yearly tune-up.

Low refrigerant level

If your air conditioner was properly charged during installation, low refrigerant means you have a leak. Your technician will find the leak and repair it, test the repair and top off your system with refrigerant to match the level recommended by the manufacturer.

Drainage problems

During periods of high humidity, your condensate drain may become clogged and overflow, causing your air conditioner to shut down. Remove the clog with a plumber’s snake and completely dry any water damage to control mold growth. Annual maintenance includes flushing the condensate drain to prevent this problem.

Electrical control failure

Corroded terminals and wires and loose electrical connections can prevent your air conditioner from working optimally, or at all. Your technician will tighten the electrical connections, inspect the terminals and wires and test the electrical control to ensure your unit cycles properly.

Dust buildup

Over time, dust builds up inside your air conditioner, causing the fan, motor or condenser to fail prematurely. An annual tune-up includes removing dust from your system, and between maintenance calls you can help prevent dust from building up in the first place:

  • Check your air filter every month and replace it when it’s dirty. Keep the area around your indoor unit free of dust.
  • Hose down your outdoor unit every month to remove debris and dirt from the coil and fins. Remove obstructions, including plant growth, from around the unit.

Sensor problems

Room air conditioners feature a sensor that tells the unit when to cycle. If this sensor becomes bent out of place, open the access panel and bend it so that it’s close to the coil but not touching it. For more expert advice about preventing and solving common A/C problems, please feel free to contact us at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc., serving the Tampa area with a high level of customer satisfaction.

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