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Tampa may not suffer the brutal winters of other parts of the United States, but the winter chill – especially at night – can still creep into an inefficient home and make for an uncomfortable season. While you might choose to upgrade a furnace or take a look at your home air sealing to prep for winter, a home energy audit can give you a firm idea of what upgrades can best prepare you for the heating season.

An energy audit is a great way to get individualized feedback and help you structure a comprehensive home energy strategy, by pinpointing how your household uses energy and how your home loses it. Depending on your contractor, an audit will likely cover some or all of the following areas:

  • Examination of your energy bills and energy use patterns, such as thermostat settings
  • A room-by-room analysis of your home
  • A look at your residence’s habitation patterns – who’s home when, for how long, and how frequently
  • An inspection of your home’s exterior
  • Electrical system examination to identify any safety concerns
  • Inspection of all your current appliances
  • The blower door test, a specialized test which locates air leaks by changing the air pressure in your home

Once this is done, your contractor will analyze the findings in order to create a comprehensive report on how best to improve energy use and home comfort. If you’ve got any questions about the energy audit process, or you’d like to find a certified contractor in the Tampa area to inspect your home, contact us at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc. We’re happy to provide expert service to our clients.

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