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carbon monoxideAs the cold season approaches, you will need to get your home’s heating system ready for those 40 and 50-degree nights. You should also make sure that it’s safe for you and your family. Here in Florida, as in the rest of the country, carbon monoxide in homes is a major issue. It is the most common cause of poisonings in the U.S. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the gas kills over 200 Americans every year with thousands more requiring emergency treatment.

Facts About Carbon Monoxide

  • It is a colorless and odorless gas, which means that it can build up in your home without you ever detecting it. Fuel-burning appliances such as gas water heaters, gas stoves and gas heaters produce it.  
  • The symptoms mimic other illnesses, which can make the diagnosis of poisoning difficult. The most common signs are confusion, nausea and fatigue. If carbon monoxide builds up in a home while members of the household are asleep, they can die without showing any symptoms.  
  • While everyone is susceptible to this kind of poisoning, some are more susceptible than others. The elderly and very young are at a higher risk as are people with chronic heart disease and respiratory conditions.  
  • Qualified technicians should regularly check your home appliances. Your chimney should be inspected for leaks and the venting on all of your appliances should be inspected to make sure that there are no blockages.  
  • Carbon monoxide detectors are essential. The CPSC has stated that these devices offer the only way to be alerted to a carbon monoxide buildup inside your home. Just as with a smoke detector, the battery should be changed regularly.

Fuel-burning equipment should only be installed and serviced by qualified technicians; you should not try to handle these tasks yourself.

If you need your home’s heating system inspected or serviced before the cold fronts start rolling in, Senica Air can help. We have been providing HVAC services to Tampa, St Petersburg and Clearwater residents since 1992. Contact us for more information on keeping your home warm and safe this winter.

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