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man near fanYour home should be a cool haven when the heat and humidity hits. If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, you’ll need to decide whether A/C repair or replacement is the best choice to ensure your comfort this summer. Here’s some food for thought to make your decision easier:

  • Look the age of your equipment. The average lifespan of a central air conditioner is 15 to 20 years, and as the equipment ages, it becomes less reliable. If yours is getting close to 15 years old, replacing it now could save you future repair bills, as well as the inconvenience of an equipment failure at the height of the cooling season.
  • Consider energy efficiency. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of your cooling system can have a big impact on your energy consumption. If your air conditioner was built before 2006, it may only be 10 SEER. Today, the minimum SEER is 13, which is 30 percent more efficient than the pre-2006 standard. A 16 SEER is a more expensive option, but it could reduce your energy consumption and costs by 60 percent.
  • Assess your thermal envelope. If you resolve issues such as insufficient insulation and air leaks in your home’s shell early in your decision-making process, you may discover that you can invest in a smaller, less expensive A/C system without sacrificing comfort, and save money on long-term energy costs.
  • Test your ductwork. You could be losing 10 to 30 percent of your conditioned air to leaks. Whether you decide to repair or replace your air conditioner, sealing and insulating your ductwork is a smart step that will enhance your comfort and reduce energy waste.
  • Insist on accurate sizing. Too large a unit will cycle on and off frequently and won’t dehumidify your home effectively. An undersized air conditioner can’t keep your home comfortably cool. If you decide to replace your aging A/C, have your contractor perform a detailed load calculation to accurately compute the equipment size you need.

If you need expert advice about A/C repair or replacement in your Tampa-Clearwater area home, contact us today at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc. 

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