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You may need air conditioner repair in your Tampa, FL home if your unit seems to be leaking water excessively. While some condensation is normal, it may indicate there is a clog that is likely to cause major damage without immediate air conditioning service. Air conditioner clogs are often evident in the drainage pan of a system. The likely cause is that the fans within your Tampa, FL air conditioner are not adequately removing moisture. You should place a call to an air conditioner repair company in Tampa, FL to provide air conditioning service as soon as possible. The moist environment inside of an air conditioner is the ideal breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. This problem is most likely to occur during the winter when you are not using your air conditioner in Tampa, FL. If the water is left to sit in the unit for several months, it may send mold and bacteria into the air when you turn the air conditioner on again in the spring. Damp air conditioners can lead to allergies, asthma and even a deadly lung condition known as Legionnaire’s disease. To avoid this problem, make sure that you receive regular air conditioning service from a professional company in Tampa, FL. Some water within your air conditioning system is normal and necessary to function properly. If you have recently had a new unit installed, an air conditioner repair company can provide you with information about its proper upkeep. You should not be alarmed and think you need air conditioning service if you hear water moving inside of the unit. Rather than being a cause for air conditioner repair, this simply indicates that water collected from the air is being moved against its fans. It will eventually evaporate when it hits the condenser coils.

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