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If your energy bills skyrocket during the summer in your Hernando County, FL, home, you may need to have an air conditioning specialist check your air conditioner for components that need to be repaired or replaced. Your air conditioning options may be more elaborate than you expect; getting an evaluation from an air conditioner repair and installation expert can help you determine whether you would benefit from an upgrade or a replacement. Give Your Air Conditioner a CheckupIf your air conditioner never feels cool enough, you may need an inspection from our air conditioner repair and installation team. The air conditioning specialists at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc., make it a priority to save energy and money and give you a wide variety of air conditioning options.Give Your Home a CheckupEven if your air conditioner is operating perfectly, air may be escaping through a poorly insulated attic or the cracks around old windows. Air conditioner repair and installation may not be necessary if all you need to do is seal some areas of your home. Air conditioning specialists can often pinpoint these areas and give you recommendations for sealing them to keep the cold air inside.Change Your Thermostat GraduallyShutting off your air conditioner while you're out only to crank it up when you get home wastes energy. Instead of changing the temperature dramatically, adjust the thermostat by one or two degrees at a time and wait to determine your comfort level before adjusting it again. Some air conditioning options allow you to program your thermostat to provide the most cooling during the hours you need it most.Invest in Energy Star Air ConditionersIf you use an air conditioner repair and installation expert to replace old equipment with a system that carries the Energy Star logo, you will save energy. Many utility companies offer air conditioning options that provide rebates to customers with Energy Star appliances. Check with your local Hernando County, FL, utility company to find out how you can save money. The air conditioning specialists at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc., can recommend the right cooling system for the type and size of your home.

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