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As a homeowner in Spring Hill, FL, you probably do not give much thought to your home’s ductwork. Your ductwork is responsible for making the pathway from your home to your central air conditioning, allowing the cool and dehumidified air to enter the rooms of your home and allowing the warm air to be withdrawn and recycled into the air conditioner. Leaky ductwork interferes with the efficiency and effectiveness of this process. Our air conditioning maintenance technicians explain five key benefits to sealing the ducts in your home.

Improved Comfort

Leaky ducts within your home can cause problems with certain rooms being too hot or cold during particular times of the year. Sealing the ducts reduces these problematic temperature differences and improves your comfort.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Poorly sealed ducts allow household and garden chemicals and odors to enter the system. In people with allergies or asthma, these airborne contaminants can trigger the onset of symptoms or worsen attacks. Sealing the ducts reduces the ability of contaminants to enter the air that you and your family breathes.

Home Safety

If your furnace, hot water tank or clothes dryer operate on natural gas, back drafting of carbon dioxide (CO2) into leaky ducts can distribute this deadly gas throughout your home. When our air conditioning maintenance team seals your ducts, this risk is eliminated, making your home healthier and safer for you and your family.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Gaps, cracks and leaks within the air ducts waste energy. Instead of sending cool air to the spaces where you and your family spend your time, the energy is wasted. Leaky air ducts waste up to 20 percent of the energy used by your home’s air conditioning system. A well designed and sealed duct system performed by our air conditioning maintenance team reduces energy consumption, may allow you to use a smaller capacity of heating and cooling system and lowers your monthly utility bills. Duct sealing could pay for itself within just a year by way of energy savings.

Better Environmental Protection

Instead of wasting energy and causing the use of more fossil fuels to cool your home, making energy efficient improvements such as duct sealing helps protect the environment. When our air conditioning maintenance team seals your ducts, this reduces your home’s carbon footprint. You may also enjoy a better resale value of your home by making these “green” home improvements. At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., our air conditioning maintenance technicians offer the best HVAC advice, products and services to keep your Spring Hill, FL home comfortable all year long. When our air conditioner maintenance team seals the ductwork in your home, you will enjoy the benefits of improved energy efficiency, healthier and more comfortable air. Whether you need AC maintenance at the start of the season, emergency repair service, sealing of your ductwork, the installation of a new central air conditioning system, or any other service, our team at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. looks forward to meeting your air conditioning needs.

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