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When you need a source of air conditioning for your new Ocala house, you have two primary choices: a heat pump or an air conditioner. Both options provide reliable cooling, so they deserve careful consideration. Consider cost, efficiency, and home size when choosing a heat pump or air conditioner for your Ocala, Florida, home.

Unit Cost

Heat pumps cost more than air conditioners in terms of upfront expenses. Since heat pumps both heat and cool your home, they have more complex hardware and take slightly longer to install.

Heat pumps can prove more cost-effective in the long run, though. Since they offer heat as well as cooling, you don’t have to install a separate furnace. This can create big savings in Ocala’s climate. It doesn’t get too cold in the winter, so the heat pump can be used as a backup heat source.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps can also save Ocala homeowners money in terms of total cost of ownership. They typically prove more efficient during the winter because they simply reverse refrigerant flow. Warm air streams into the house from the outside unit. If you compare efficiency ratings between furnaces and heat pumps, the heat pumps win.

Air conditioner or heat pump efficiency can vary widely between different units. Choose a Carrier product with Greenspeed Intelligence to maximize energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

Home Size

Smaller homes often benefit from heat pumps. You don’t have to reserve additional space for a bulky furnace, so you can devote more room to indoor storage.

Choosing the best heat pump or air conditioner for your new Ocala home requires careful thought. Decide whether you prefer heat pumps or air conditioners, then let our trained technicians help you choose the ideal unit. Give Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. a call at 866-881-5935.

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