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At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., it is our goal to offer our Crystal River, FL customers exceptional air conditioner services and the latest products for their heating and AC system. A large display thermostat is one product that we recommend to clients wanting to update their AC system. Installing a large display thermostat provides homeowners with many benefits. We like to keep our customers informed on the latest technology and news when it comes to heating and air conditioner service. Continue reading to learn the highlights of large display thermostats.

Interchangeable Face-plates

If you like to accessorize your appliances with your home decor, then you will enjoy the flexibility that many large display thermostats have. These interchangeable face-plates can turn high-tech controls into home fashion accessories. There are many finishes that they come in. These finishes can include various shades of silver, espresso, gold and wood grain.


Convenience and simplicity is what large display thermostats are known for. Installation typically only requires attaching a few wires. Its user-friendly design allows homeowners to change the batteries without the need to disassemble or remove the thermostat. Many even come with multifunctional buttons that not only simplifies operating it, but it simplifies programming it.


These large display thermostats come with some really great features. Homeowners can choose between programmable and non-programmable versions. Display screen options range from large to standard size. It even has precise comfort control options for differential and static temperature accuracy. This helps homeowners maintain consistent comfort throughout the entire home. In addition to displaying large numbers, they come with back lighting, a low battery indicator, a filter change indicator and programming capabilities for up to a week in advance. Some of the newer models even come with the option of being controlled remotely. If you’re considering getting any air conditioner services for your AC system, update your thermostat also. We have installed many for homeowners throughout the Crystal River, FL area, so we can assure you of the advantages that these thermostats provide. You can improve the efficiency of your AC system and lower your utility bills with these thermostats. Contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. today to learn more about ways you can reduce the need for expensive air conditioner services and reduce your energy costs. It is our mission to provide your home or office with the best solutions available for your unique situation.

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