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If your Ocala, Florida, home’s design doesn’t encourage natural airflow, there’s a good chance you need a whole-home ventilation system. From drawing in fresh air to filtering out pollutants, find out how an energy-efficient ventilator can benefit your home.

Your Home Needs Fresh Air

Whether you’ve only noticed stale air in a few rooms of your home or it seems to be a persistent problem throughout, a whole-home ventilator can help. These devices work with your HVAC system to flush out stale air while drawing in fresh air. Since they work continuously, you’ll enjoy fresh air around the clock. Because they work seamlessly with your HVAC system, you’ll benefit from fresh air in every room that’s connected to your heating and cooling system.

You Want to Improve Energy Efficiency

If you’ve tried opening windows to increase ventilation, you know that this can cause your HVAC system’s efficiency to take a nosedive. In contrast, heat-recovery ventilators are designed to harness the thermal energy from outgoing air. Then they use the energy they’ve captured to precondition the incoming air before it enters your heating or cooling system. This enables the ventilator to keep your air fresh in the most efficient way possible.

You Want More Humidity Control

Models like the Performance Energy-Recovery Ventilator capture energy from the outgoing air, and they also pull some of the excess moisture from the incoming air. The Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. team often recommends this type of system for hot, humid Florida summers since they’ll keep your air fresh while making your home more comfortable.

You Need Better Air Filtration

In addition to their ventilation and humidity control abilities, many whole-home ventilators can also pre-filter the incoming air. By removing pollutants from your home’s air supply, they help you achieve optimal indoor air quality without increasing your household energy consumption.

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