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Winters can get pretty cool in Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. Air conditioning repair or installation, and heating repair or installation is necessary for your system to work efficiently during extreme weather conditions. You can be more energy efficient this winter by using some of the tips below. Seal off all the windows in your home to get rid of any air drafts. Use weather stripping around the movable joints of doors and windows. Place shrink-wrap film over drafty windows and use silicone caulk to seal air leaks. This will help reduce energy loss.Take care of any heating repair or installation. If your heating system is not functioning properly then any efforts to winterize your home for efficiency will be pointless. Get your heating and cooling system inspected and cleaned. This will extend the life of your furnace, make it run more efficiently and increase the airflow.Changing the filters regularly is imperative to keeping your system functioning properly. Filters are designed to remove debris and dust from the air flowing through your home. When the filters get clogged and dirty the furnace has to work harder to pull the air through. This also results in a higher utility bill. There are many issues that can cause your heating system to fail to work at its full potential. These issues may require air conditioning repair or installation, or heating repair or installation. Taking care of these issues to make your home more energy efficient will decrease your electric bill, help the environment and keep your family nice and warm in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area.

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