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ductworkThe air quality of your Clearwater home can have a dramatic impact on your comfort and health, especially if you suffer from asthma or allergies. In many cases, poor indoor air quality can be traced back to problems with your ductwork, which should be inspected regularly for deficiencies.

Return Leaks

Return ducts that have holes, leaking joints or areas of complete disconnection can allow foreign material to be drawn into the air supply moving through the HVAC system. Because many return ducts run through wall cavities, crawl spaces or attics, this can allow dust, mold spores, excess moisture or even material from insect or rodent droppings to contaminate your indoor air.

Supply Leaks

Leaks in the supply ducts can also cause problems with your indoor air quality. When the volume of the supplied air is less than the volume of the returned air, a negative pressure will develop in your home. Like a vacuum, this will draw in contaminants such pollen or mold spores through any air leaks around windows, doors or entrances for pipes or electrical lines.

Vent Problems

If a strong enough negative pressure is formed inside your home, combustion gases from furnaces or water heaters could be drawn into your home instead or exiting normally through the vent system. Not only can these gases reduce air quality, but if sufficient quantities of carbon monoxide are present, they can also be potentially deadly.

Mold Problems

Leaks in the supply or return ducts can draw excess moisture into your home, raising the humidity of the air and providing the perfect conditions for mold growth in the HVAC system and the rest of your home. Mold spores are known to cause health problems, and in some cases, they can be extremely toxic.

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