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By increasing the amount of insulation in your attic, you’ll be making an investment in indoor comfort and energy efficiency that will benefit you in all seasons. If you decide to do the job yourself, take precautions before heading up the ladder to the attic. Here are some suggestions for what to do and what to wear while insulating your attic spaces.

  • Wear a respirator or protective mask: Insulation can be harmful to your respiratory system if inhaled. Dust, small bits of fiberglass and other material can be stirred up during an attic insulation job. For the best protection, use a commercial-strength respirator with filters and face protection. In most cases, however, a smaller painter’s respirator or a paper mask will be sufficient.
  • Put on goggles or safety glasses: Eye protection is also very important when insulating your attic. The same particles that can get into your lungs can also get into your eyes. Handling insulation and using tools, nails or other fasteners also increases the chance of an eye injury.
  • Cover your skin: Don’t let your bare skin be exposed to hazards in the attic. Wear long-sleeved shirts, gloves and clothing that will protect against exposure to insulation, which can irritate your skin and cause itching. Wear work boots with adequate tread and put on a cap to keep insulation from getting in your hair. The best solution would be to wear something over your regular clothing that you could throw away after the job is finished, such as disposable jumpsuits or coveralls.
  • Protect your knees and joints: An attic insulation job could require kneeling and bending, so wear knee pads or related protection to prevent pain, bruising or injury. Use a piece of plywood or other material to create a flat working space over joists or beams in the attic floor.

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