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The air quality inside your Pasco County, FL home is a significant consideration. Poor indoor air quality can affect your respiratory system and drive up the energy consumed by your HVAC system. The following are indoor air quality issues that increase your utility bills.

Dirty Indoor Air

Indoor pollutants can come from several sources, including cleaning supplies and chemical-based products, tobacco smoke, particles released by furniture and carpets, dust mites and pet dander. These pollutants can stick to your air conditioning system’s coils, reducing their ability to cool your home. This causes your AC system to work harder and consume more energy, creating an increase in energy bills.

High Humidity

High humidity levels can cause condensation in the air ducts, which also reduces the ability of your AC system to cool your home. Condensation in these air ducts can lead to drips and leaky ductwork.

Leaky ducts allow the cooled and heated air in your system to escape. This lost air causes your air conditioner to work harder. The extra running increases energy consumption and causes a significant spike in your monthly utility bills.

If you are experiencing problems with your ductwork, we can help you clean and seal your system’s ducts. This will help ensure your home’s HVAC system operates more effectively and efficiently.

Air Filters

Air filters are the first line of defense against indoor pollutants. The type of filter that you use can have a dramatic impact on the efficiency of your AC system.

A good air filter is critical to maintaining indoor air quality. However, ensuring your home is not too dusty is crucial to your system’s filters functioning at peak quality. Extremely dusty conditions can clog your air filters.

If your home’s air conditioning system works harder than it needs to because of a clogged filter, it will consume more energy to clean the air circulating in your home effectively. This leads to increased energy bills.

Contact Senica Air Conditioning today if you are in need of quality AC installation services. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and will ensure that you enjoy good indoor air quality in your Pasco County, FL home.

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