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Top of the line air filters are the best choice for home and commercial units in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area. However, they can be a bit expensive, and they often need to be changed frequently. The need to replace the air filter every 30 days is due to the product's very high efficiency. Using quality air filters ensures proper functioning and longer life of the HVAC system.Cheaper brands of air filters are only good for areas where dust and air pollution are not a big problem; these products can last up to six months. Unfortunately, their capacity to filter air particles is very minimal. This is the main reason why there is no need to replace this kind of air filter frequently. Using either of the filters has both pros and cons. To settle for low quality means a lot of cost savings when purchasing the filter. They are cheap, and they don’t have to be changed often. The biggest disadvantage of cheaper filters is that they cannot provide the cleanest and the safest indoor air quality, putting occupants at a higher risk of acquiring lung diseases. In addition, because of the inability of these filters to hold dust, the other parts of the system may be affected. When this happens, more energy is needed for the system to operate, and this increases the electricity bill. Without proper maintenance, the system may crash, and the homeowner will have to call for air conditioning and heating repair.With high-quality air filters, the frequent replacements can be quite bothersome and costly. However, they provide some long term advantages. Frequent replacements save the owner from fees for air conditioning and heating repair, and ensure the electricity bill stays low. Homeowners can either install air filters themselves or seek the help of HVAC professionals in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area.

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