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If you want to save money on your heating bills this winter, don’t forget to put heat pump maintenance on your fall to-do list. A neglected heat pump can cost you as much as 25 percent more to operate than a well-maintained one. Proper maintenance of your system is key to efficiency and energy use.

DIY Heat Pump Maintenance

  • Clean or change your heat pump air filter as needed, or at least once per month. Reduced airflow due to dust and debris accumulation reduces airflow, decreases performance, and can damage the compressor.
  • Maintain the outdoor unit by removing vegetation and debris surrounding it, and cleaning the coils and fan when they appear dirty. Be sure to turn off power before cleaning the fan.
  • Schedule professional heat pump maintenance annually.

Professional Heat Pump Maintenance

A professional technician can address and identify potential issues you cannot, such as:

  • Verifying your thermostat is operating properly.
  • Measuring airflow.
  • Locating and rectifying ductwork issues.
  • Inspecting filters, ducts, coils and blower for dirt and obstructions.
  • Measuring and correcting refrigerant levels and addressing leaks to ensure refrigerant stays in your system.
  • Inspecting electric terminals, connections and belts for issues, and lubricating motors when necessary.
  • Checking electrical controls to ensure heating is locked out when your system is cooling (and vice versa).

Operating Your Heat Pump for Optimum Performance

  • Backup heating for your heat pump is expensive to operate, especially if it’s the standard electric heating element that many heat pumps are outfitted with. Don’t bump up the thermostat if it causes the backup heating to come on. (Fortunately, this is seldom an issue in the Tampa Bay area, with our mild winters.)
  • Use the system on the “auto” fan setting. Continuous indoor fan operation (the “on” fan setting) can degrade your system’s performance unless it has a high-efficiency, variable-speed fan motor.

To schedule annual heat pump maintenance for your system, please contact us at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc. We serve Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

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