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Returning from summer vacation to find you need air conditioner repairs will put a damper on your relaxation. Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. in Crystal River, FL, can perform installations, repairs and maintenance. If you prepare your home before you leave, you will come home to a comfortable indoor environment.  Installing a digital thermostat is a wise vacation investment. The thermostat allows you to set the controls so your home is maintained while you are away. Some models can be programmed or monitored from a computer or your cell phone while you are on vacation. If a problem is noticed with the unit, you can shut it down to avoid costly air conditioner repairs upon your return. Emergency summer air conditioner repairs tend to be expensive.  Schedule an appointment for a tune-up of your HVAC system every spring and fall. Regular maintenance will help avoid costly air conditioner repairs. Include the ducts in the maintenance schedule. Duct cleaning will remove contaminants growing in the system that can cause illness and coat the inside of the house with dust. Pour a cup of bleach in the drain tube to kill any algae that may be growing inside. Few things are worse than returning from summer vacation to a house full of water.  If you have a system that frequently breaks down, consider replacing it with a high efficiency unit. Many Energy Star certified units with high SEER ratings are available on the market. Your new unit will not only maintain your home's indoor air quality in the summer, it will work consistently all year long.  Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. in Crystal River, FL, has expert technicians who can evaluate your current system, help you choose and install a new high efficiency unit or perform necessary repairs. They are happy to perform maintenance of your systems so you stay comfortable and have lower utility bills at the same time. 

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