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The HVAC system in the home plays a significant role in ensuring your comfort during the day and at night when you’re asleep. An efficient HVAC system has a considerable impact on the quality of your sleep, and uncomfortable humidity and temperature levels can decrease the quality of sleep. Read on to understand other ways your HVAC system can contribute to poor sleep quality in your Ocala, FL, home.


Any strange noises at night can disrupt the quality of your REM sleep, and any strange noises from the HVAC system indicate that the unit might have an underlying problem. These noises might indicate that your unit is too old or on the verge of breaking down.

A professional HVAC technician can diagnose the issue and prevent a minor problem from escalating. Stay alert for any banging, squealing, hissing or gurgling noises from your HVAC system.

Poor Indoor Quality

Dust, pollen, pet dander and other pollutants can clog your HVAC system, causing poor airflow. These pollutants might also recirculate in your home, causing problems such as sore throat, headaches, runny nose and sneezing. Any of these symptoms can make it hard for you to fall asleep.

You should replace the air filters and remove dust and allergen buildup in the ducts to improve the indoor air quality. Although you can change the air filters yourself, you should contact a professional to clean the duct system. You can also decide to install an air purifier or air cleaner to promote clean and healthy indoor air.


Poor humidity control in your home will cause stuffiness, and high humidity can be a problem most of the year in Ocala. The resulting discomfort can affect the quality of your sleep.

High humidity levels lead to biological growth and bug infestations. A professional HVAC technician will advise you on adding a dehumidifying unit to your HVAC system to ensure healthy humidity levels at night.


Although people generally sleep better in a lower-temperature environment, you need to find the sleep temperature that’s right for you as an individual. An inefficient HVAC system can cause inconsistent temperatures at night, making it harder for you to fall asleep. If you find that you’re waking up too often in the middle of the night, feeling too hot or too cold, consider scheduling HVAC maintenance.

Different factors such as a faulty or outdated thermostat, leaking ductwork or using a wrongly sized system can cause your HVAC system to produce inconsistent temperatures. A technician can address this problem by inspecting your system.

Installing a zoning system or using a smart thermostat can solve the issues of inconsistent temperatures. Contact our professional technicians at Senica Air Conditioning to schedule HVAC maintenance in Ocala, FL.

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