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Financial security can be difficult to obtain when there are so many unknowns. What if an emergency hits next week? Do you have enough saved for a rainy day? Knowing where your money is consistently going is one way to find stability and security. But are you confused as to why your utility bills are higher than you expected? 

Some of your money may be going to higher utilities because of poor habits, while others are simply a result of issues of which you are not aware. Stop losing money to high utility costs by cutting off these issues at their source.

Vampire Energy

These vampires aren’t out for your blood; they’re out for your energy. When you leave electronics and small appliances plugged in, even if they’re turned off, they still sap power. Cut off vampire energy by unplugging electronics (such as your TV, game console, etc.) and small appliances (such as your microwave or toaster), or use a power strip that you can turn off to cut all power flow to whatever’s plugged in.

Air Leaks

Unfortunately, your home isn’t a perfect container. Leaks cause air from inside your home to escape, while it allows warm summer air inside. This reduces efficiency and increases utility costs. You can often identify leaks around doors and windows by looking for dirt on the floor or sill. Seal doors with weatherstripping and windows with caulk.

Leaks can also form in your duct system, which means that every time air passes through your HVAC system, you’re losing some of it to the void. Senica offers duct sealing services that find and fix duct system leaks.

Saving money and cutting costs often comes down to your lifestyle. Stay aware of potential energy losses and cut them off early, and you’ll have some measure of control over your utility costs. To further cut utility costs and raise the efficiency of your HVAC system, call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935.

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