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If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system for your Spring Hill, Florida, home, you may have come across the terms stages and speeds. If you’re able to spend a little more upfront on the two-stage or variable speed system, you get to enjoy energy savings and other benefits in your home.

Two-Stage and Variable Speed HVAC

An HVAC system with a two-stage compressor operates at two different levels to provide air conditioning for the home. Instead of merely being on or off, it runs at stages depending on the cooling needs of your home. The variable speed means it may blow air at a lower or higher level instead of just turning off and on when necessary. When you have a single-stage system, you may notice hearing your system cycle off and on often. That cycling is less likely since the system can transition to a higher or lower level instead of turning off and on entirely.

Energy Savings

Although the upfront cost is higher, many people prefer an HVAC system with different stages and speeds for the energy savings. Since the system adjusts to maintain the temperature in the house, it saves energy on your utility bills. Since it doesn’t have to cycle off and on completely, it further saves energy. It’s also able to run at a lower speed for more extended periods of time than a single speed system, which also saves energy.

Other Benefits

Energy savings is a significant benefit of having a variable speed system, but you also will see improvements in your air quality and airflow throughout your home. Since air is circulating more through your home, it’s filtered more often improving your air quality. That increased circulation also prevents hot and cold spots and better airflow in your home since air is circulating instead of just turning off and on.

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