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Cooling your garage is different from cooling your home. When determining how to air condition a garage, ask yourself: Is there a window? Is it insulated? How intense does the heat gain get?

Two options for cooling your garage are a portable air conditioner and a window air conditioner.

For obvious reasons, if you have no window in the garage, the choice must be a portable air conditioner. These units stand on the floor and are vented through the wall of the garage. This usually isn’t the optimum choice for Florida garages, as the cooling load is too heavy during the summer. The exception is a well-insulated garage.

A window air conditioner is the best choice, especially where the cooling load is high for extended periods of time. If a window in the garage is available, this is the best choice. Insulation is recommended to keep the heat outside.

How to Air Condition a Garage:

  1. Measure your garage to determine the square footage. The air conditioner you purchase will need 12,000 BTUs for every 500 square feet of cooling.
  2. Measure the garage window opening where the air conditioner will be installed. Make sure your A/C unit choice will fit correctly.
  3. Once you purchase your unit, take all the manuals and components and place all on a flat surface for easy reaching. Review the installation instructions.
  4. Install the mounting brackets according to the instructions.
  5. Insert the unit and attach it to the mounting brackets according to instructions.
  6. Pull out the extensions from the side of the air conditioner and make sure the seal is tight. Use foam to plug any gaps. This is especially important when determining how to air condition a garage, as any gaps will result in a loss of cool air.
  7. Once you plug in and turn on your new air conditioner, you can enjoy cool air in your garage.

If you want further information from the air conditioning experts who have been serving Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas for over 20 years, please contact us at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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