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When your furnace turns on and off frequently — called "short-cycling" — it wastes energy and increases wear and tear, shortening your system’s life and causing inconvenient breakdowns. Short-cycling can also keep the temperature in your Crystal River, Florida, home from maintaining consistent levels. But what causes short-cycling, and what does it mean for your HVAC system?

Dirty Air Filters

A clogged or dirty air filter in your HVAC system will block airflow, which could eventually cause the fan in your furnace to overheat. If this happens, the fan and the rest of your system will shut down for safety — often before your home reaches the temperature set on your thermostat. When the system cools, it will come on again and try to heat your home to the correct temperature, restarting the cycle. Simply changing your filter regularly can help alleviate short-cycling caused by dirty filters.

Thermostat Issues

Short-cycling may also occur when your thermostat or your HVAC system’s indoor unit is near a space heater, an oven, or another warm area. For the most accurate temperature readings, your thermostat should be located in the center of your home. If the thermostat is already centrally located and your unit is still short-cycling, you could need repairs to the thermostat that controls your furnace.

Oversized Units

If your HVAC system is too large for your home, it will heat your home and shut down quickly. As a result, your system will be less able to regulate the humidity in your home and less effective at pulling air through your system’s filter and removing contaminants. With an increase in short-cycling, you might also experience increased asthma or allergy symptoms from pollen dirt, dust, and other pollutants.

Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with more than 26 years of heating experience, and we’re ready to help you stop your system from short-cycling, to save energy, and to keep your home comfortable. For reliable service, call us at 866-881-5935.

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