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When you need HVAC installation in Crystal River, FL, Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. is a heating and cooling contractor you can rely on and trust. Your home needs a unit sized for the area it needs to cool. If you choose a unit too big, it will waste energy when it runs. Too small a unit will run constantly; the utility bill will be larger than necessary. A small unit will not be able to adequately dehumidify the air resulting in mold growth.  There are different reasons to need HVAC installation. Your current unit may be old to repair any longer. You could decide that you want a more energy efficient unit instead of the current system. You may want to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint. There are units available on the market today that allow you to do just that. If you have remodeled or added on to your Crystal River home, cooling the additional space may require a larger system and HVAC installation. If you have a home that was built without an HVAC system such as a vintage or heritage home, you do not have to have ducting installed. Ductless split systems are available that work to heat or cool individual rooms. These units have high SEER ratings and some models have earned the Energy Star certification. There are 48-volt solar powered units that will allow you to heat or cool your home without grid power at all. In a disaster, you will still have cool air while others do not. Dry air feels cooler than moist air. Circulating the dry air with an energy efficient ceiling fan makes the room feel even cooler. Passive dehumidification is one HVAC system that removes up to 50 percent more humidity from the ambient air than conventional systems. It performs this task without using additional electricity by using three separate evaporator coils. Another system uses a liquid desiccant in a membrane to absorb the air's moisture before sending it to the evaporator coils. This system is called DEVAP, or desiccant enhanced evaporative air conditioning.  There are other systems on the market such as solar/hybrid units that use the combination of solar panels and grid power. These units are reporting savings of up to 60 percent or more on the utility bill. Residential zoning, digital thermostats and home automation systems are technologies that also save money.  Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. HVAC technicians will evaluate the size of your home, your current insulation and help you choose a size, type and model appropriate for your home and budget. He or she will help you select a model that qualifies for tax rebates and incentives to help offset your total costs. Everything involved in removing the old unit and installing the new one will be explained. When the installation is finished, the area will be cleaned up so that you will not have to. 

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