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deluxe_unit_installer2011The components of your matched air conditioner system were made for each other — literally. Sometimes, however, when replacement of the outdoor component that incorporates the compressor and condenser coil becomes necessary, there’s an impulse to economize by replacing that side of the system alone. Here are some good reasons why critical components of your matched air conditioner system should never be broken up.

They’re a Matched Set

To reach today’s efficiency standards, not to mention your expectations of cool comfort, the indoor and outdoor coils in your system are designed and engineered to be together. Serial numbers engraved in each confirm this match. Mixing unmatched coils is a bad practice that only leads to a partially renewed A/C that doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s efficiency specifications anymore, much less provide improved performance.

It Costs More in the Long Run

The expense of higher operating costs due to lower efficiency will eventually negate savings from replacing just one side of the system. The disappointing cooling performance, meanwhile, will become a daily fact of life.

Components That Work Together Wear Together

As in any mechanical device, all parts of an air conditioner accumulate the same hours of wear and are engineered to have similar expected service life. If one side of the system has reached the end of its life span, it’s likely that components in the other side are also at the outer limit of wear and tear and will require replacement soon, as well.

Warranty Coverage Not Guaranteed

If you replace only the outdoor side of the system, the manufacturer’s warranty on your existing indoor components won’t extend to the new components, and vice versa. You could be stuck with no warranty coverage whatsoever on either half should a defect caused by a mismatched new outdoor coil cause malfunction throughout the entire system.

For more about the advantages of a matched air conditioner system, check out Senica Air’s air conditioning solutions or call 866-881-5935.

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