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How do you reconcile staying cool in the Pinellas County, FL heat with keeping energy costs low and remaining environmentally friendly? These four tips will help you save energy without sacrificing your sanity to the Florida heat.

Avoid the Stove

Have you ever noticed how hot the kitchen gets when you turn on the oven or cook something for a long period on the burner? The stove and the oven add heat to your home, which means you may have to crank up the AC to compensate, increasing energy usage for the AC on top of the energy you used to run the stove. Stick to raw foods or the microwave and you won’t have to use more energy to keep it cool inside.

Use Windows Wisely

Your windows can be friend or foe in summer, depending on whether or not you take advantage of them. If you’re not going to be in the house during the day then get blackout curtains to keep the heat out and trap the cool air inside. If it cools down enough early in the morning, open the windows instead of turning on the AC to let the cool morning air in. You should also plug any holes or gaps in your window frames.

Get an HVAC Inspection

With regular inspections your HVAC system will work more efficiently, saving energy and keeping you cooler at the same time. Something as simple as dirty filters or ducts can reduce air-flow and eat up energy. Plus, you’ll catch problems in the early stages so you don’t have to go through a costly repair later.

Adjust the Thermostat

It might be uncomfortable at first, but 78 degrees is a much more eco-friendly temperature than 75 or below. Just those few degrees warmer can save you as much as fifteen percent in energy usage if you bump it up from 72.

Start by calling Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. Inc for an HVAC inspection, and be on your way to a cooler, greener summer.

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