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The holidays are a fun and festive time, but they come with a host of added expenses. Minimize your energy spending this year with some smart strategies to trim power consumption. From managing comfort levels in your Spring Hill, Florida, home, to streamlining shopping, there are many ways to save.

Plug in With Power Strips

The holidays bring all manner of exciting electrical items with them, from big blow-up characters in the yard to miniature Christmas villages that twinkle and move. Whether you’re simply lighting your tree, or setting the whole house aglow, you’re sure to use extra energy this season. Minimize the drain by plugging all these items into power strips. When they’re not in use, turn off the entire strip. Otherwise, your electronics will slowly drain power even when they’re off, creating added strain on your utility bills.

Warm Up Wisely

Floridian homeowners don’t use their heat as often as others, so it’s easy to overlook this part of your home. Even if you’re expecting a mild winter with no heat at all, it’s best to have your system tuned up before winter hits. This inspection will ensure that everything is working as efficiently as possible, making sure that the months of disuse haven’t done your heater any harm. Sealing your ducts and changing your filter regularly will also increase your energy efficiency for both heating and cooling.

Upgrade Your Windows

If you’re not mindful of your windows, they may let cool air seep in during the winter, reducing the energy efficiency of your heating system. Check around the window frame for cracks you can seal with caulk. Use weather stripping along the bottom of the window to keep cool air out. You can further enhance your energy efficiency by using a low-e coating on the windows. Make these upgrades now and you can stay cozy over the holidays for less.

If you’re due for heating maintenance in your home, contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935. We’ll get your home ready for any weather this season.

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